Opusbusiness.com website review, Scam or Paying?

Opusbusiness.com or office.opusbusiness.com is an online investment website that claims to trade for you and return gives ROI of about 40% monthly. Sounds really sweet but let’s get to the bitter part.

The website looks really well designed but with limited information to work with. I see a Kenyan business registration on the company but the underlay banner of homepage carries an American flag.

This website claims to be a club which I tried verifying with all the social media handles they provided but all returned errors apart from the empty Instagram account I found. I also found the youtube channel but this just shows a bunch of videos made on a computer screen.

For all I care, this could be the job of just a couple of guys sitting behind a desk somewhere across the globe.

The SSL certificate on this website is free and I’m sure it didn’t take long to put up. A company that cant acquire a legit SSL for 3 bucks isn’t worthy of your investment.

Further look into this website shows that no contact information is provided and no real address is given. If they wanna scam people, at least they should do some homework (just kidding).

It looks already like Opusbusiness.com is having a hard time loading but please if it gets through loading, do not invest in it.

Here is our final verdict:

Do not waste your time with this website but you can look up our top paying websites here.

Be on the lookout for monthly suggestions that would be coming up soon