Olympictrade.com website review, Scam or Paying?

Olympictrade.com actually falls in the new trend of websites that has a bunch of virtual assistants ready for higher. They claim to have experts in various fields from importation, trading, exportation, stock market and so on.

So what happens is this, you send them a proposition of the kind of business you need an assistant with. Once they get that, they would reply to you with a quote of how much you are to pay.

This is a really awesome business idea, I have seen this work in the united states by co-operating organizations.

I want us to note also that this is a ghost website. Not tied to anyone so you can’t hold anyone for anything that goes wrong. The website is not even licensed.

My analysis of Olympictrade.com

For such a business, the website is actually the only means they have to present what they do. But in this case, the design of the website is really poor.

A company of this scale that is legit would make a website that presents their services as detailed as possible, videos and pictures of there workers. Testimonies of clients they have made happy and much other detailed information.

Secondly, one of the things I noticed is that the website is called Olympia trade but the domain name is Olympic trade.

Even if the domain name Olympia trade has been taken, there is a way to go around this to avoid these different names. This was not done by professionals and I wonder, if they can’t get their business straight, how can they get others business to work.

Finally, the social media presence confirms that this business is dead, I mean even if it was legit, its now dead. The last post on facebook was in 2017, the last post on twitter is 2017 and the same with youtube. All of these social media pages contain just 3 posts each so this is really not worth your time.

Our Verdict:

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