Nnu.ng news site review, Scam or Paying?

Nnu.ng Is a popular news website in Nigeria that has been around for quite a while. The website claims to pay for the reading of news on a daily basis, signing into website, referring and many more.

Nnu.ng after a period of time changed the rules of the game, the administration played some smart moves and here we are. Read why NNU.ng is scam by clicking here.

Here is a summary of nnu.ng

Days Online950+
Site CurrencyNaira
Site TypeNews Website
Site IncomeAdvertisements and Content Promotions
Referral Commision71.5% of deposit
Min Payout3,000
Withdraw ProcessingWeeks, sometimes months
Per Comment5 Naira
Registration Fee1,600 Naira
Per News2 Naira
Support PlatformN/A

Our verdict

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Nnu.ng News Update Platform Review

Nnu.ng use to really be a hot platform, I mean I remember when it was still blazing hot and the concept of just clicking on news post daily gets you a decent amount of money monthly but after a period of time, everything changed.

A summarised review can be found here or stick with this post to have the full review

At first, the news was that all UBA account owners will be paid before every other member but this just didn’t make sense, I mean you didn’t tell people that before getting there 1,600 naira and now you telling them they can’t receive their payments on time.

Secondly, those that got paid from this platform were not even given their complete funds. This is really an unfair practice by the organizations of this website. After they received all the pageviews from us and we made them the funds they needed, they come up with partial payment? This is totally unfair.

Thirdly, my payment never came and since mine didn’t come, it means many others didn’t receive theirs as well. This makes them scam guys…… below is a screenshot of my dashboard on nnu.ng with funds not withdrawable. My dashboard also shows I was paid 3,000 which I never received.

Finally, I recently logged into my nn.ng dashboard and I saw this message for members.

Imagine nnu.ng saying that funds that were once withdrawable can now only be used to play trivia or advertise on their website. Note that this trivia is barely available and your advert listing may not even be approved. This is just a total waste.

Nnu.ng as far as sparktweets.com is concerned is a scam for all of the reasons stated above. If you have a contrary view, kindly post in the comment section below.

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